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22 Mar 2013

Forlì's Evo is born

media/uploads/20130526170547_EvoForli.jpgIn these weeks a new car wash Evo is under construction in Forlì in the mister Bondi's service station.

Thank to collaboration between Autoequip and the company that have looked after the flooring it was possible to create a floor of incredible beauty and that will allow a comfortable dry surface on which to put your feet.

31 Dec 2012

The winter is fallen on Evo

The winter was felt and it didn't save not even the Evo car washes, luckily their owners didn't forget their cameras to take some photos.
Here's to you some photos of the 5th and 6th Evo of Ciummo in Isernia and NetGroup in Milano.

EvoCiummo1 EvoCiummo2

EvoNetGroup1 EvoNetGroup2

Click here to watch all the photos
We take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

10 Jun 2011

Bologna Exposition 2011

Exposition2011The 29th May the Bologna exposition, organized by Autopromotec, was ended where there aren't missed the news of Autoequip Lavaggi with the biggest stand of the fair with three car washes that are working: PDQ Laser JET, TK5 e the new portal TK2 Hydro Touch.

Exposition2011The news of this exposition are been a lot as PDQ Laser Jet, Autoequip TK2 Hydro Touch and new components for Autoequip Evo360 as the dryer with system of inclination, high pressure "California" and the new translating group "Evo Performer" and... do not forget the new design of Pinguino Box.

Click here for see the photo

23 Nov 2010

Autoequip Evo360 on Striscia la Notizia

media/uploads/20110415170411_StrisciaLaNotizia.jpgIn the edition on Sunday, 21th November 2010 of the famous Italian TV show "Striscia la Notizia", a service went on the air where it showed the Tunnel Autoequip EVO360 of Viale Monza in Milan, property of NetGroup, as an example to follow for efficiency and respect of environment through the use of latest technological innovations in the field.

Click on link below to see the video!